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I hope you are all studying hard for exams. This is just a reminder that we have class on Tuesday at 6pm. Please prepare questions and post them online beforehand. 

Looking forward to it.

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Glad to hear that you found the class helpful. 
Should you have any requests for website related info, please let me know and I will change and add content as you need it.

We have class tonight at 18:00, computer lab Parow campus. 
I haven't had any special requests for tonight's lesson yet. let me know asap. 

Hi PYC Guys : ) 

I realise that some of you have not yet received your tut letters. Please note that your study material, tut letters and old exam papers are available on your myUnisa. 


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Please use this platform to ask questions regarding your subject matter.... Don't be shy !!

Hi Dominique
I have difficulty in answering Q1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,14&24 of assignment1. 
Could you pls explain the HNS,function,impulse conduction ect.
Peception as well as visual system;
Brief overview of personality theories.

Thank you

Hi Michele, 

We can go through your questions together in class this evening. see you there.
Hi Thando and other PYC''ers,

I have definitely NOT forgotten about you!   
Ill-formed : bad construction of the chart ; the syntax not followed. ie labeling outside boxes.
Invalid : The chart is invalid because the information is incorrect or the flow of the chart is incomprehensible. ie If I were to tell you that the first step in making a cup of tea, was drinking the tea..... make sense ? 
I dont have your assignments with me, please could you post the question on the blog and as for perceptual constancy, lets have a discussion in class. 

chow for now